Published on March 2017

Chaparral 19 H20 Sport; Priced to move you

Exceptional value joins quality and style in the widely popular 19 Sport. Stainless steel hardware, non-skid flooring, and battery on-off switch go one-up on rivals. Storage is abundant...under the seats, in the helm, in a wakeboard sized floor locker and there's also a cooler under the back seat. A...
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New Ocen Class 65, a class of its own

The Ocean class fleet has a new baby in the womb, the OceanClass 65. Its represents a radical step up from the Greenline SeaClass range of yachts (up to 60 feet). Her super displacement blue-water cruising character marks the uniqueness of the OceanClass brand. Ocean class 65 represents modernity, l...
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