When we think of Campion, we think of signatures and breakthroughs. Campion has a distinctive style and "look". One of those signatures is the moulded-in foredeck docking lights. As for breakthroughs, one was the modified-V Apex hull, with a convex pad that boosts performance and handling, giving Campion's sportboats higher top speeds as well as better mileage.

Another of the breakthroughs came in 1998 with the 705, a cuddy-cabin with a raised, U-shaped aft bench seat. The design eliminated the aft sunlounge but created a "back seat" that was one of the best seats on the boat. Campion's new 645i SC is a development or an evolution of that concept.

The 645i SC cuddy cabin is a 6' V-berth with a pumpout chemical toilet mounted out of sight under the V area. The cabin is a place where you can retreat to take care of the call of nature and a place to retreat for a nap during a day-cruise.

The cockpit, though, is where the boat really shows off its design breakthroughs.There are swiveling bucket seats at the helm and companion positions, with a U-shaped bench seat aft. Then things get interesting.

Sportboats these days are also, invariably, used for watersports. That means people need a way to get from the cockpit to the swim platform - which could better be called a watersports launchpad. The 645i provides a walkway aft across its port quarter, along with a flip-up seatpad that also provides a step.

Watersports these days also means wakeboarding, so the boat provides a seat just ahead of the launchpad, where riders can don their boards in comfort. There are also two huge lockers in the port and starboard quarters, capable of holding a couple of wakeboards each. Riders who are into wakeboarding these days all have to bring their own boards, so that space is needed. Boarders sometimes even bring their own tow-ropes, so a wet-locker just forward of the aftermost seat has room for several ropes.There's plenty of general storage space in the cockpit.To starboard, there's a special space under the aft bench seat for a portable cooler. It's very convenient - the cooler is easy to bring aboard, yet out of the way once put into its place.

The test boat was powered by MerCruiser's 350 MAG MPI, a 300-hp, 5.7-litre V-8 with multipoint fuel injection that offers performance along with reliability. On the water, it translates into a top speed of 50.5 mph as measured on GPS. An ideal cruising speed is a comfortable 28 mph, at 3,000 rpm.The APEX hull guarantees top performance in acceleration, speed and handling.

Like all Campion sportboats, the 645i is sure to lead the way.


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