The Ocean class fleet has a new baby in the womb, the OceanClass 65. Its represents a radical step up from the Greenline SeaClass range of yachts (up to 60 feet). Her super displacement blue-water cruising character marks the uniqueness of the OceanClass brand. Ocean class 65 represents modernity, luxury and quality.

For You; A perfect choice for a new generation of experienced power boaters and mature sailors that are looking for a more comfortable and satisfying boat for serious cruising. She can be easily handled by owner/wife crew.

Ocean-going; A quiet and comfortable ride will take you to the world’s most beautiful cruising grounds – while preserving these areas for future generations and paying them, and the rest of the boating community, full respect.

Respectful; She respects the ocean, other boaters and our best boating traditions.

For your continued well-being; The comfort on, above and below deck brings a new high standard of your living aboard and makes the extended cruises that you always wanted to do, an unforgettable pleasure.

With a vast area for eating, lounging and relaxing; In the main deck has a separate navigation area, living area and saloon; perfectly connected to a spacious and well-protected cockpit with a vast area for eating, lounging and relaxing. The saloon is well protected from sun, wind and spray.

With great visibility; The vast flybridge area offers unmatched comfort on this spacious 'terrace above the sea' for unobstructed visibility whilst steering, entertaining or sun-bathing.

Seaworthy and comfortable; Superb handling, safety, seaworthiness and homely comforts will make your long-lasting cruises a pleasure.

Trustworthy; Great attention to new technology is clear in the propulsion system, which allows the yacht to sail 2800 nm at 8 knots without any call to a marina. This confirms one's feeling of safety and trustworthiness on this sturdy yacht.

Self-sufficient; Long range and self-sufficient capacities will enable you to have longer cruises in sailing areas with under-developed infrastructure (water, food, fuel, safe harbours…). The large battery bank ensures AC power at all times.

Ready to meet any challenge; With her protected hybrid propulsion system, solar roof and protected low-drag Superdisplacement hull she is read to meet any challenge.

With traditional noble values; You will enjoy discovering her traditional noble values in her looks, styling, and woodwork.

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